Letter of recommendation
This letter is my personal recommendation for Alexander Petkov. Until just recently, I have worked with Alexander on a project basis for several years. We’ve smoothly finished together more than 10 projects, all of them in a very productive manner. Even more, working with Alexander was joy and fun. He brought calmness and confidence to the working process, which were very much appreciated.
Besides being a joy to work with, Alexander is a take-charge person who is able to take a deep look at every detail of the project. He can  analyze the tasks very well and find every single step needed to achieve the goal. His attitude is very constructive and creative since he’s able to propose alternative solutions for almost every single obstacle.
Even more, Alexander is not afraid of taking new challenges. He was fair enough to admit he didn’t have the knowledge for a specific coding technique but also was brave enough to invest energy to learn as much as possible in a very short time. Looks like he loves the challenges, considering them as opportunities to increase his expertise.
Alexander is very well organised person who is able to complete a lot of tasks quickly. His working rhythm brought a lot of benefits to our company, increasing our productivity and customer satisfaction. His approach includes clients in mind so he’s able to completely understand every specific detail of every single project.
I highly appreciate Alexander’s “please-do-not-complain” behaviour and his willingness to work.
I highly recommend Alexander for employment. He would make for sure a great asset to any organization.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details or confirmation if needed.
Ivo Galov
Managing Partner
Tralalink Webdesign – tralalink.com

For Alexander Petkov – web-designer/developer
By Dental studio Dr. Dimitrovi, town of Ruse – drdimitrovi.com

My name is Dr. Malina Dimitrova and I manage a family dental clinic. It happens very often that new clients come to us thanks to our web site. In regard to this, it is very important for us that the web page is maintained and administrated by a confirmed expert occupying indisputable skills. We changed a number of administrators since we established the site, without being able to find the appropriate one. After the advice and recommendation of an IT company, friend of ours, we found Alexander. This happened more than two years ago. During our very first meeting I knew we finally found the proper person.
We needed a lot of corrections and improvements of the web page. We also wanted to generally change its vision. We explained everything and gave Alexander total freedom, and he not only justified our confidence but exceeded our expectations. He showed up himself as a personality and as an expert, whom one may trust and with whom one can work in long term. Up to now he completes all the tasks in shorter term than the one set in advance. Our patients started sharing their positive opinions on the web page even without asking them. The greatest recognition for the magnificent web page Alexander made about our clinic came, when one of our supplier companies from the capital city of Sofia got connected with us to share that they have reviewed thousands of web sites recently. They liked best ours and wanted to contact the web designer.
We are doctors with no competencies in the field of web pages design and maintenance. That’s why we not only need realization of our projects but also to be constantly offered innovations and ideas. Alexander does all this and thus we have more time to focus on our work.
I wanted to summarize the skills of Alexander but there is no way to describe such a good professional in just few words. Professionalism, engagement, promptness, self-giving and 100% devotion – this is what each employer would get deciding to work with Alexander Petkov.

Dr. Malina Dimitrova

“He is someone you can count on”
Dear sirs,
For 5 years now I have entrusted my personal and my company websites to the abilities and personal care of Alexander Petkov. I searched for someone like him a lot, because I was wounded from previous bad experiences with companies and free-lancers whom I tried to work with. And founding Alexander Petkov, for the first time I felt secure. Not only because he knows things and improves himself daily (this is obligatory for each professional), but also and mainly because he is someone you can count on, because he cares. He cares for me as a client, he cares for my works, for my needs, for my time. And he is available all the time, which is also obligatory (according to my needs). Possessing the 3 most important things for a professional of the highest class – experienced, devoted, and ambitious – he is kind of a luck to be found.

Tania Kazakova – kazak.bg

Aleksandar Petkov has worked for us as a web designer/developer for our official web site:
http://methodist.bg/. He was responsible for the design concept and full realization of this
project and for the initial training of the web master.
During the working process he showed his excellent professional skills, creativity and
flexibility. He is easy reachable, and always in time. He is ready to provide all the necessary
technical support and advice in case of need almost immediately.
I would highly recommend him for every position suitable for his professional skills.
Rev. Daniel G. Topalski
Superintendent and Chair of the Church Council
The United Methodist Church in Bulgaria

Made us stand out in our market.
Alex helped us tremendously with the creative design of our legal website. He  was able to come up with a website plan that made us stand out in our market. Plus he is extremely responsive in helping with updates. I would highly recommend Alex!

Anelia Georgieva

“Highly recommended!”
It’s been great working with Alex. He is talented developer and communicates better than most which is important when working on a project like this. Not only did he work quickly, but he always responded quickly to any of my emails, something I value a lot when trying to keep a project on schedule. He designed a great looking site and also found ways to improve my SEO and usability while being amenable to the few things I needed to maintain in my design. Highly recommended!

Mariana Iordanova
http://finecleaninglondon.co.uk/, http://fineservices.co.uk/

“First choice”
We have been relying on the services of Alexander Petkov as a freelancer web developer for our web projects since 2007. He has proven to be skillful in teamwork and fitted excellently in working with the designers and the administrators. His personal and professional qualities such as correctness, business commitment, meeting the deadlines responsibility and constant development in the realm have made him my right-hand person concerning web development. Through the years of collaboration he has established his professionalism and therefore I had no doubt in recommending him to my partners with whom he has been working till present days. In my opinion Mr. Petkov is the first choice for a web developer/designer and I am certain of his future accomplishments.

Dimitar Dimitrov
http://networx-bg.com/, http://montana.bg/, http://dunav8806.bg/